Private Lactation Consulting

Private lactation consultant services are often best utilized in your own home. If you are experiencing difficulties while breastfeeding, it may be best to be in your own relaxed environment. I can observe the chairs you sit in or the bed you are most comfortable in. We can than together learn the best and most comfortable way that your baby may want to feed. Always remember that it is your baby who leads the way and teaches us how they feed best. If they have come a bit early they will show us when they are ready.

Our Intern and Mentoring Program for New LCS

  •  Since the opening of an onsite clinic we have provided mentoring and teaching for professionals who desire to become IBCLCs as per the Guidelines of the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners and they are considered interns during this pathway of learning
  • For the intern, mentorship has been found to be the ideal way begin to understand the breastfeeding dyad; by developing judgments and assessment skills, and as well as critical thinking and active listening skills. 
  • For the IBCLCs at the clinic, interns help reduce the load of a very busy clinic by collecting histories, taking weights, asking questions and then presenting this information to the IBCLCs so that they can do a thorough assessment. 
  • For the intern, there is ongoing guidance and support even after they graduate from the program. This helps especially in times of uncertainty as they begin their own private practice. They are able to expand their networks within our community
  • For the IBCLC, they need to keep up on current research and clinical skills to teach the interns. This allows for the IBCLC to improve on their leadership skills. It also increases knowledge and competencies, increases confidence and allows for personal growth for both the IBCLC and the intern. 
  • For the mothers, often the interns can sit with them throughout the whole assessment and mothers feel safe to voice their concerns, ask all of their questions and feel supported. This leads to improved outcomes.